At Ceasefire, we understand that vermiculite spray is dirty business. That’s why we work closely with builders and clients to deliver a clean, quality finish. Whether it’s an occupied building or a new construction project, we always leave the worksite clean. To achieve this, we employ only the best vermiculite fire spray applicators in Sydney. Vermiculite firespray is the most cost-effective solution to fireproofing structural steel and is a highly specialised skill. Ceasefire are approved applicators of all types of vermiculite products including, but not limited to, Cafco 300, Fendolite MII, and Promaspray 300.


If you’re looking for a more polished finish, intumescent paint can be applied to structural steel to achieve the same fire-rating level as vermiculite coatings. There are also intumescent products tested and approved for external use (i.e. exposed to weather). Intumescent paint is generally a less cost-effective approach than vermiculite spray for structural steel fire protection but its finish is unmatched in appearance.