Projects Details

In 2019, the Roselands Shopping Centre underwent a major redevelopment to transform the outdated complex into a contemporary mall space.

As part of the project

The entire structure is supported by steel columns that had to be fire rated. This project was particularly challenging as it involved working airside in a fully operational airport facility. We had to take into account the high level of security and the safety of passengers and aircraft throughout the project.

To achieve this, we had teams rotating 24/7 throughout the project. As part of the design, much of the work was to be fully exposed as a finished product. A lot of care was taken during the application of vermiculite firespray to deliver a clean finish without impacting the surrounding services.

Site Information

Cafco 300, Fendolite MKII

3 Months


Why Ceasefire?

Our expertise in passive fire protection encompasses a comprehensive understanding of fire safety principles, building codes, and industry standards. We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of passive fire systems, including fire-rated walls, doors, floors, and penetrations. Our team is trained to assess fire risks, develop tailored solutions, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. With 20+ years of experience in the field, we are committed to providing reliable, cost- effective, and efficient passive fire protection solutions to safeguard lives and properties. All while delivering exceptional client service at every stage of the project.