MONOKOTE fire spray is a leading passive fire protection solution for commercial structural steel that has been used globally for decades. Monokote fire spray systems offer full compliance pathways for internal, semi-exposed and external steelwork. Tested and assessed in accordance with AS1530.4-2014 with an AS4100 regression report for steel protection. Specifically designed for the fire protection of steel structures however MONOKOTE MK6 fire spray is also approved for the fire protection of ductwork and concrete upgrades.


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FyreWrap is a lightweight wrap offering high temperature insulation and performance. Each roll is fully encapsulated in Aluminium foil providing tear-resistance and antibacterial resistance along with a clean and professional look. Fyrewrap is ideal for off-site fabrication and fire protection of ductwork systems and has a patent fire-rated access panel to augment the overall fire-rated duct system. Tested and approved for duct in accordance with AS/NZS 1530.4-2014 and compliant to AS2419 for steel pipe hanger and support protection and AS2419 for copper hydrant protection. FyreWRAP is clean and simple to install, with minimal prep or cleanup required as compared to traditional fire spray protection.

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CAFCO 300 is a spray or trowel applied premix, based on vermiculite and gypsum. Steel structures protected with CAFCO 300 have undergone fire resistance tests up to 240 minutes in approved independent laboratories to recognised Australian standards AS 4100 and AS1530.4: 2014. Cafco 300 has been one of the most recognisable products across the Australian construction industry for decades, making it a reliable choice for builders, architects, and engineers alike with multiple fire tests and assessments specific to the Australian market. Cafco 300 is used to protect structural steel and ductwork and upgrade the fire resistance rating of walls and slabs. Approvals of up to 240 minutes on steel sections and 180 minutes for ductwork.

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PROMASIL-1100 SUPER are large-size, lightweight insulating boards with very good thermal properties. PROMASIL -1100 SUPER is the replacement for the VERMICULUX board and can be used in a majority of its applications. Promasil board has multiple uses including fire damper protection, penetration seals and 1, 2 & 3-sided bulkheads of up to 120 minutes FRL from both directions. This versatile fire rated board is also used to build service enclosures, protect mechanical ductwork, and fabricate fire-rated access panels. Promasil 1100 is also compatible with Promat’s large suite of firestopping products.

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Monokote MK6 is a vermiculite-based spray typically used to encapsulate and protect duct from fires and stop heat and smoke from entering.

Fyrewrap is a wrap used to encapsulate duct and insulate the duct, effectively protecting them from fire and heat.

Cafco 300 is a Gypsum-based, fire rated vermiculite spray typically applied to steel. Meant to protect structural steel and upgrade ceilings.