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Intumescent fire protection is a type of passive fire protection that has revolutionised the way we protect buildings from the

Sprayed vermiculite is a type of insulation material that is used to provide fireproofing to buildings. It is made from

Passive fire protection is a term used to describe various materials and techniques used to prevent the spread of fire

If there is a cable tray penetrating through a fire rated wall that is supporting services, then consideration should be

Vermiculite is one of the most commonly used materials when it comes to passive fire protection and is commonly confused

Service penetration fire seals are seals or systems that we use on services that penetrate fire compartments. Services can include plumbing

  A vermiculite ceiling, otherwise known as a popcorn ceiling, is a ceiling that has had its fire rating upgraded

What are Active and Passive Fire Control Methods? What is passive fire protection? In summary, passive fire protection can be

Consideration of duct fire protection is essential to the overall passive fire protection system on your project. Ducts are conduits or passages

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